Friday, October 9, 2015

"When I dance, I forget everything else and just feel completely happy." - Katherine Jenkins

We are savouring our time here - we know it will be short and I try not to think about the moment when we will have to say goodbye. However, I know that time will come and this blog is mostly for my benefit - to read again when I get back to Canada and recall those special times with these beautiful granddaughters. The other morning, Andrew and I were just waking up and 2 little heads peeked around the corner of the door to say good morning. The smiles just melt my heart. The blessing of grandchildren to love and dote on is something very special.
It is a rather hot day here today, 32 C and the air con will not be hooked up until Sunday. We set out for Applecross tonight and watched Eden perform in her first ballet recital. So adorable. I wish I had pictures of her in her Cinderella princess costume, but there were no photos allowed so I am hoping that Kathryn can sneak a couple tomorrow so you can see just how sweet she was. Here are a couple of photos from today.
 The hair and makeup process started a couple of hours before showtime. I am trying to hold up a very tired neck and Katie, well she's just being Katie!!

 Bird of the day - Australian pelican. He showed up as we were having our supper by the river. I sure wouldn't want to get too close to that beak, but he was a rather handsome fellow.

 Beautiful ballerina pre show - all smiles and made me think of all the years of recitals we went to.

And little Miss Cheeky Katie - she had to pose for a picture too. Love her to bits!!

And another day draws to a close - and we wonder what tomorrow will hold - maybe another adventure?? And just to let you all know - there was a 2 1/2 meter snake spotted in the parking lot at Coogee Beach yesterday - just glad I didn't see it!! As the girls would say - "yikes on bikes"!!

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