Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem." - A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

Another sunny day here in Perth. The adventure for today was travelling to an independently owned and privately funded wildlife park. It was in Caversham, about a 40 minute trip from Atwell. We packed a picnic lunch and set off fairly early so we would arrive around 9 am in time to feed the kangaroos before they got too sleepy. It was a great day with two shows to take in, the farm show and the wombat show. These pictures basically give you a peek into our day.
For my other grandchildren make sure you click on the 'sound' link so you can hear the funny noises the birds in Australia make. Eden was attacked by an Australian magpie this morning - they are nesting now and are very territorial and don't want anyone near them. We're not sure why he picked on Eden but we left the area pretty quickly. This is the sound they make. Every morning when Grampie and I get up we hear the sound of this Australian raven - we think it sounds like a little lamb.

 Our arrival at the front gate - everyone is still fairly fresh here.

 Flying foxes, a fruit bat about 14 inches long - this would be my worst nightmare if they weren't caged.

 An Australian monitor lizard - these are quite common in the wild.

 Very funny looking birds, the kookaburras - here is a sample of their laughing sound.

 Katie loves to feed the roos. 

 Eden wanted Grammie to have a go at feeding the roos.

Made Grampie hold the snake - Grammie wasn't doing that one!!

 Eden was a little wary of this ringneck parrot, trying to take her biscuit during our snack. She had just been attacked by a magpie and wasn't sure about this guy getting so close.

If you look closely in his right foot you will see the biscuit crumbs he managed to snag from us. He fed himself from his foot.

And another check off my bucket list - the koalas were so adorable. Larger than I thought they would be and very sleepy.

 This one was wide awake and Andrew managed to get an amazing shot of him. They sleep up to 20 hours a day and only eat eucalyptus leaves, giving them very little nutrition and energy.

 Even the flowers here are quite large here. Seems that there are many things here that are larger than life.

 Eden really liked the sound this Australian bustard was making - kind of like a low growl. It was quite a funny looking bird with the full white beard.

We took in a sheep shearing demonstration which was quite fascinating. They had the kelpie dogs round up the sheep and bring them into the enclosure.

Here is the fleece he sheared off the sheep - it was so much larger than you'd expect.

 Petting a sleepy wombat - such funny looking creatures.

And a very sleepy girl on the way home.

Looking forward to a possible trip to the beach tomorrow.

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