Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer 2010

What a busy summer. Each year as I finish up my work at the end of April, I have a list of the many things I will accomplish over the next 4 months, but the months have slipped by and my list still seems rather long. At the end of June, I began another part time position with a real estate office doing admin work, which I am really enjoying. Right now, it is working out to be about 4 hours a week and I will continue to work at the church for 15 hours per week. So, it may end up being a rather busy fall.

Miss Eden Jacquelyn Cross born on July 13, 2010. So beautiful.

On July 13, we welcomed a precious new granddaughter into our lives, Eden Jacquelyn Cross and we made a trip to NB to meet her. This summer we decided to purchase not one but two kayaks. Andrew has been wanting one for a couple of years, so we went to Pictou and purchased them from Freedom Canoe and Kayak. Needless to say, Andrew has been thoroughly enjoying the sport and the girls had fun with them while we were at the lake.

Sarah trying out one of the kayaks on a very calm day - Harvey Lake, NB.

Anna in the other one - they were both pros!!

Grampie enjoying some special time with a special little girl.

Early in August we made our annual pilgrimage to our cottage on Harvey Lake and enjoyed some quiet, relaxing time as well as some hard labour. Deciding that the camp needed some TLC, we spent the good part of a week, scraping, priming and painting. We finished 3 sides, so the remaining side and the shed will get their share next spring/summer. I also decided that we needed a change of color after 40 years of it being white with green shutters. This decision didn't sit too well with some of the fam, but I think they are starting to adapt. Hey, we could always change the color next year!!!

Oh, the joy of owning a cottage. It took a lot of time and hard work to scrape, prime and paint the camp.

But the end result was quite lovely. Colors are pewter with sun-dried tomato trim. The steps and screen doors are on the to-do list for next year!!

We were hoping that our 3rd granddaughter would arrive while we were on vacation, but nope, she decided to hold off. Lila Adelaide Naugler made her appearance on August 21 and I ended up going back to NB solo to help out where I could. We are so blessed to have these two beautiful new babies in our lives.

Miss Lila Adelaide Naugler born on August 21, 2010. So perfect!!

Grammie with her sweet granddaughters, Charlotte (2), Eden (6 weeks), and Lila (4 days).

Some of our summer was also spent at the pool and on the soccer field with our wonderful teenagers who are still under our wings.

Anna at the NS Provincial Swim Competition in Bedford, NS. She loves the water and here she is competing in one of her favorite strokes, the breaststroke. She achieved all personal best times except for her short free.
Sarah (back row, 3rd from left) with her summer soccer team. They were the gold medal winners in the New Minas Invitational Tournament. A great team and a well deserved win.

Now, we are back to the reality of fall activities and anticipating what God will do in each of our lives. Lou Fellingham is one of my favorite singers and I have been listening to some of her music. This song is a glimpse of how I desire to live.