Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"Let us read and let us dance - two amusements that will never do any harm to the world." - Voltaire

Today dawned sunny but a rather cool 5 C. It did warm up to 24 C which made for quite a lovely day. Eden had a dance rehearsal at 11 am in Applecross, so we all piled into the Hyundai and away we went. She is required to have a bun in her hair for this recital and Kathryn has a little difficulty getting the pony high enough on her head due to brushing of the hair issues and sensitive scalp (which Kathryn also had as a child). So Grammie stepped in and managed to get her hair into a high enough pony with only a few squeals!! Kathryn finished it up and it only had a slight tilt!

Eden posing for the camera. We are going to her ballet recital on Friday which I am sure will take me back about 30 years!!

Kathryn dropped us off at a lovely little park in Applecross, a suburb of Melville which is right across the Swan River from Perth. We strolled along the waterfront, found some black swans to photograph and put in a half hour while Eden was practicing. It was cooler near the water and I was regretting not bringing my jumper (sweater). Then it was back to Atwell for leftover pizza and a late lunch. The afternoon was taken up with story reading, a little gardening and watching Madeleine. The girls seemed to be a little off kilter today so we just let them play and sort out their conflicts.

 I think I got the best shot of this with my iPhone - a passionfruit flower.

 A black swan on the shore of the Swan River.

 A view of the city of Perth from the opposite side of the Swan River.

 A memorial to Heath Ledger who was born here in Perth. Rather a sad reminder of the brevity of life.

The girls discovered this little guy on a broom handle on the back patio - even grasshoppers are larger here.

A beautiful little park, but very busy with young moms and children. I guess school holidays tend to encourage the families to get out and enjoy the spring weather.

And the end of a busy day, two tired girls watching the telly with Grampie.

We will be heading to Caversham Wildlife Park tomorrow in hopes of seeing some kangaroos and koalas, so there should be lots of photos up tomorrow.


  1. Lovely ballet bun! The passionfruit flower is gorgeous. I will show the girls and remind them of our compound words lesson yesterday :)

  2. Love Caversham. Can't wait to see your photos!! xo