Friday, October 23, 2015

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." - John Muir

We wanted to arrive before dark at Tinglewood Cabins and wound our way through a little village called Walpole - this area is famous for the giant tingle and karri trees of old growth forest. We also knew our last day on the road was going to be a long one and we needed a lot of rest. As we drove up to our cabin, kangaroos were roaming the property along with some really cute spring lambs. We were not disappointed with our accommodation here. Very quiet and clean and everything a traveller would need was available. We settled in, lit a fire in the wood stove (reminding me of the Canadian winter we have ahead of us), made a light supper and watched the roos from the back deck. It was relaxing and we tucked in early as we knew the next day would be a lot of km logged to get back to Atwell before dark.
 Our little nest for the night - 'Rosella' cabin. So pretty.

 Our neighbours for the evening - so cute. This big joey was in his mama's pouch until he decided he needed a hug.

 We also had the company of quite a few kookaburras. You will recall the old song, 'Kookaburra sits on the old Volvo'.

 Feeling a little wistful about leaving this peaceful place.

 Travelling northwest through karri forests. These trees are very tall and straight and a little too close to the road for my liking. The speed limit was anywhere from 90-110 km/hour on fairly narrow and sometimes twisty roads. The traffic was very light this morning though, so it was a very pleasant drive.

 Through the Margaret River area there were numerous vineyards and wineries. The wine industry is huge here and there are acres and acres devoted to it.

One of our last stops, Cape Naturaliste. This lighthouse was activated in 1904 and still uses the original lens. A quaint spot for a slow stroll along the Geographe Bay.

This is supposed to be a good place for whale sightings as they undertake their summer migration to the Southern Ocean.

 I am scanning for whales.

 We saw several humpbacks but this one was putting on a show; breaching and splashing.

And the perfect end to our 4 day getaway - a lovely sunset on the Indian Ocean.

This Aussie road trip was a great time to see some more of the country and give the Crosses a break from their visitors.  Andrew wanted to master driving on the other side of the road and he did a superb job, although I was frequently heard to say, "Keep to the left!!". Now I will try and catch up to our current day, Friday, October 23. Sorry for the onslaught of posts lately, but internet access was very limited when we were away. This time next week we will be flying over the Pacific Ocean - destination Canada.

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