Wednesday, June 20, 2012

May and June

And here is a synopsis of the last two months in the Jamieson household. Busy, fun and full of making memories. To begin with a few snapshots of 'Anne of Green Gables'. Many thanks to the director Mary Hanneman for the many hours invested in this cast. It was incredible to see it all come together in May and I can't wait to get the DVD to share with her sisters.

Anna (pupil of Avonlea) and Miss Stacy. 

Anne and Anna 

 Anna and Rachel at the end of 6 amazing shows.

 ... and a line full of petticoats (Mama's part!)

And we continue full on with honour choir practices, leisurely Sunday walks on the beach with dear friends and end of school banquets. Sarah's graduation post coming up!!

 Annapolis Valley Honour Choir - Final Concert

 Friends at Blue Beach in Avonport, leaning on the 'whale' rock. What a lovely day!

 Three buddies off to the Athletic Banquet. So pretty!

And finally the beauty of God's incredible creation captured not only in the natural setting but in the uniqueness of family and friends. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Sarah and I took a weekend break before the busyness of prom and graduation and headed on a road trip to NB. It was a joy to see our sweet grandchildren and visit with them. 

 Artistic talents of my amazing husband.

 How I love the sunsets on Harvey Lake.

 Back from an evening boat ride.

 The awesome St. John River and our sweet graduate.

 A great getaway weekend with friends and family.

On our way home - the Tantramar Marshes - using resources well.

Hope you have enjoyed this quick pictorial peek at the last two months.