Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Tancook Island

Well, time for another post. Last weekend, we decided that a 'family' trip to Tancook Island was in order. We also invited our small group to come along and two dear friends from our group came with us. It was a day that started out with one of the girls dragging her heels, but as the day went on, she realized there was no way to get off the island, except to wait for the ferry to take us back to the mainland, so ended up enjoying herself, despite of her initial attitude. It is an interesting island with interesting residents and the girls saw a way of life that was rather foreign to them. We hiked about 6 km through woods, along the beach and back to the ferry via the dirt road. Pictures tend to tell it all, so I will insert some takes of our day away.

Who really wants to be on a ferry with her Dad and Mom??

This is an extreme example of the state of vehicles on Tancook. This car was on the wharf when we arrived. Was beginning to wonder what our day would hold!!

In complete contrast, some beauty of the island.

The beginning of our hike across a meadow towards the beach.

A pond held back by a high natural dyke of tumbled stones.

A little snack break on the beach.

Our dear friends, Kim and Judy, who joined us on our adventure.

Visit to the local graveyard. Some unique stones and quite a few 'Crosses' (our son-in-law's relations).

Buoys in tree.

I wonder how many pictures have been taken of this house - the most colorful one on the island.

All in all a very enjoyable day with outstanding weather. I am gearing up for our next adventure which will hopefully be whale watching off Briar Island before the end of June. Looking forward to the first soccer tournament of the season this weekend.