Monday, April 29, 2013


Well, here we are at the end of April and my ambition of posting once a month in 2013 has obviously not happened. We have been in the busyness of musical rehearsals and the final production of 'Grease'. Anna was selected to play the female lead of Sandy and after much practice and work, she pulled off the role amazingly. The cast was excellent and it seemed as if each character in the play was perfectly chosen. They performed 7 shows in 5 days so after all was said and done, she was a pretty tired teenager. Anna has always dreamt of being in a prominent role in a play and this suited her perfectly. She was thrilled to have this opportunity and I know it will be a very special memory of her high school days. Here a few pictures to give you all a glimpse of this fun time in our spring. 

 Sandy and Danny

 Rydell High 'bad' boys.

 Jan and Sandy

 Meeting the first day of school.

 Summer days driftin' away.

 Doody, one of the t-birds.

 Cheerleader Sandy.

Alone at the drive-in.

Greased Lightning!!