Monday, September 22, 2014

Life Paused

Hard to believe it has been a year since I have last posted anything on my blog. It has been a year of beginnings and endings. Pamela and Tim continue to raise their sweet girls in Fredericton, NB. Kathryn and Tim love their new country Australia and are seeking permanent residency there. Heather and Ryan welcomed a beautiful baby boy to their family (our first grandson). Sarah graduated from NSCC with her CCA (continuing care assistant) certificate which has started her on her journey to becoming a registered nurse. To discover her love of caring for the elderly, has changed and matured her in so many ways. She certainly has a special gift of relating and giving her best to those who need this type of help. She is presently in Australia visiting her big sis and discovering a new country. So proud of the fact that she made the decision to travel halfway around the world solo for the first time. Anna graduated from high school in June and has begun her university education at Mount Allison in Sackville, NB. She is thriving in this environment and loves the challenges that new starts bring. And so, that leaves Andrew and I dealing with the empty nest and trying to figure out life together. That brings me to our latest adventure - a trip to Cape Breton and experiencing the Cabot Trail for the first time. These photos will give you an idea of our weekend together.

We began our weekend touring the Alexander Graham Bell museum in Baddeck. After viewing his many inventions, we were convinced he really didn't sleep much!!

On the waterfront in Baddeck with Alexander and Mabel.

Getting pretty good with the 'selfie'.

Picturesque Baddeck.

Beginning our day's trek and excited to be experiencing this together.

It's hard to capture the beauty and stunning vistas on the Cabot Trail.

A very windy day, but clear and the views were spectacular.

Ready for our first hike of the day, the popular Skyline Trail.

View from the top - it was so beautiful.

There was no controlling the hair - it was unbelievably windy.

Our second hike of the day - MacIntosh Brook - a lovely walk in the woods ending at a pretty falls.

Third hike of the day - Lone Sheiling. A short walk to a replica of a Scottish shepherd's hut. Note the incredibly thick walls. 

And we saw real, live moose - so cool. There were about 5 cars pulled over on the side of the road and we were told that if we came across this, that there was likely to be moose in the field and they certainly didn't seem to mind posing for the cameras.

Fourth hike was Beulach Ban Waterfall - we actually drove most of the way to view this waterfall.

Fifth hike - very short - 15 minutes but very pretty with the red granite rocks.

These next pictures involve some explanation and a story. On our way home Sunday, Andrew wanted to do a hike in the middle of the province. If you can locate the small hiker in the middle of the blue section, well that is where we were. There were no houses for miles around and no sign of any other hikers. Well, I was pretty wary of this whole adventure, but I naively went along.

My first indication that this might not be a great idea - bear poop - at the beginning of the trail. Venturing forth this is the conversation between us. Andrew - "If we see a bear, I will give you the backpack - put it in front of you, bear usually go for the gut first." WHAT?? Okay. That sounds reasonable - not!! A few minutes later - Andrew - "You have your keys right?" Me - "Yes??" Andrew - "If a bear attacks, you run back to the car and get help, I'll fight him off and keep him occupied." You have to understand that we are in the middle of the woods, halfway through this hike, everything looks the same and I am directionally challenged and he intends to fight off a bear with a hiking stick?? Ughhh. My thought at this point was to get through this and get it over with, praying that we would not be mauled by bears. Also thinking this was a really stupid idea. Soooo, we get about halfway back to the car and Andrew says - "I haven't seen any markers for awhile, maybe we should backtrack." Okay, I'm starting to freak out, just a bit. So we backtrack and are standing in the middle of nowhere and as far as I'm concerned live bear bait. Then, I said - "Oh, there are a couple of people, maybe we should ask them." Andrew didn't really believe me, that there were other hikers here. My conclusion - angels in disguise. They graciously led the way out of the woods and I was never more happy to see our vehicle. Won't be anytime soon that he will talk me into backwoods hiking again. Here are a couple of pictures of the Abraham Lake Trail.

We ended our day at Taylor Head Provincial Park, near Sheet Harbour. A short hike along the beach on the beautiful eastern shore.

All in all it was an amazing weekend, the weather was perfect, the company was great and we are beginning to settle in to the rhythm of just the two of us.