Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour Day Weekend Fun

Well, here we are in September. Back to school and work. It was a busy weekend - on Saturday Andrew decided to refinish the top of our oak kitchen table. It turned out beautiful and hopefully we can keep it looking that way for awhile.

On Labour Day, Andrew and I set off for Amethyst Cove. The last time we were there was in our courting days back in the late 70's. We parked at the Cape Split trailhead and began the trail.  The Amethyst Cove trail diverges from the Cape Split trail by taking a right turn and backtracking towards Blomidon a short distance, then turning 90 degrees left and climbing up to the spine of the mountain until a warning sign indicates the beginning of the descent.  

No worries at this point.

A few worries now!

Perhaps a good time to turn around, but Andrew encourages me onward and downward. (He went first!)

Fortunately ropes are provided and we brought some gloves to improve our grip.

I had just completed the scariest section.

The beach was all ours!

After a rest (Andrew was apparently having difficulty standing straight) and an unsuccessful attempt to find a geocache, we started back up.

During the climb, we stopped several times to wait for our heartbeats to settle down.

Enjoy the video - this is coming back up - I was sweating and hurting at this point!  Actually, it was less scary coming up than going down.

We celebrated the achievement with lunch at Rosie's then bought a bag of Gravensteins to make some delicious apple pies. All in all an excellent excursion and an enjoyable weekend, but will I be able to walk tomorrow?