Friday, October 23, 2015

"Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience." - Francis Bacon

Well, now that I am all caught up with our adventures in the Great Southern region of Australia, the countdown is on as we wrap up our last week here with our beautiful Cross family. It's been an amazing time of discovering a new country, spending precious time with grandchildren and definitely enjoying the perfect weather. The past few days Andrew and I have been resting after our busy touring expedition, so not too much has been happening. A few pics should do the trick for this evening.
Atwell is trying to encourage children and adults to walk to school and the shops and this sign is embedded in the sidewalk, indicating distance and direction.

Walking this little girl to school in the morning is great. She is a bundle of joy, always excited to go and meet up with her friends.

 The sign that says it all!!

A beautiful flowering tree/shrub??

 And a coot that was very friendly on our morning walk. Charlotte, Lila, Audrey and Malcolm - you can listen to this funny looking fellow here. I think his feet are quite funny looking.

 Thursday morning we set out for Araleun Botanic Garden. They had beautiful plantings of flowers but the gardens needed some TLC (weeding and pruning).

Andrew posing in front of a full bloomed azalea. These gardens were planted on 150 acres and feature pathways, steps and terraces. 

 This camellia was stunningly perfect.

 Two cute girls by a water feature in the park.

Resting under the tree ferns.

A tulip tree. Andrew says there are a few of these planted in Nova Scotia but it is native to the eastern USA.

After dropping Katie off at school this morning, we ventured down to Fremantle again to the market and Eden was pretty insistent that she wanted to visit the ancient gaol, but settled for the shipwreck museum. I don't think I have ever met a 5 year old who was so interested in history.

 Grampie and Eden intent on learning more about the shipwrecks off the coast of Australia.

 A central hotel in Fremantle which sits on the site of the first building used for housing convicts transported from Great Britain in 1850.

 Eden enjoying her large lunch of sushi - Grampie and Mom helped her out a bit.

Andrew continues to amaze me with his adaptability to driving here. We shouldn't have any problem if and when we travel to the UK again!! Thank-you for travelling along with us.

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