Saturday, October 3, 2015

"Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?" - Rose Kennedy

Today we slept in until 7 am - shocking, I know, but decided to still have our daily walkabout. Andrew purchased an inexpensive set of binoculars and has been using them every day. We came home to a Tim produced a breakfast of pancakes with strawberries and Canadian maple syrup drizzled on top. So very delicious. Then it was off on a day trip to Fremantle (the short version is Freo). Today is a BIG day in Australia--Grand Final Day. This is the "super bowl" of the AFL between the Hawthorne Hawks from Melbourne and the West Coast Eagles from Perth. (Freo was defeated in the semifinals.) Fremantle was relatively deserted this afternoon because everyone was watching the footy game.

This port city, west of Atwell, reminded me of Wolfville in a lot of ways. They have a weekend market there with lot of fresh produce to choose from, little shops to browse through and buskers for entertainment. I am discovering that through the pictures, I can relate the story a little better, so I hope you enjoy today's stroll through Fremantle.
 In a little place called Harmony, just an interesting sculpted piece with a couple of coots.

 At the market, watching this guy fill a very unique homemade polenta cone with soft serve. The cone was actually a u-shape and he put vanilla in one end and chocolate in the other. They were $5. each and it was mid-morning, so we passed up the opportunity to try one.

 These little cupcakes looked so yummy.

 An interesting concept - purchase a book not knowing the title for $15. Like Andrew said, it could be a recipe for disappointment.

 Strolling through the city centre. 

 Our lunch venue - we decided not to eat outside with the seagulls - they were very aggressive. A fun place for a feed of fish 'n chips.

 This is Princess Miranda and her older sister looking at the huge aquariums set up in the restaurant. Very entertaining for them.

 Eden taking a closer look.

 A very good reason not to go ocean kayaking. This damage is from a shark bite. 

 Mama and daughter on the dock.

 Andrew found a new woman at Bather's Beach but she wasn't very responsive.

 Walking on the sandy beach to the 'roundhouse' in the background. This was a prison (or gaol) built in 1830 and is the oldest building standing in Western Australia.

 View from the other side of the roundhouse - High Street.

 A few reasons for imprisonment - really?? Some of these seem a bit unreasonable.

 Fremantle Hotel - would love to see inside this building.

 This is the way a roundabout should be built - New Minas should take some notes. A tree in the middle is much more attractive and you can actually see what the traffic is doing, rather than having a hill there that blocks the view of the flow of traffic.

 And this is the cutest little bird ever - he's a willy wagtail and when he walks along the ground, his tail just wags back and forth. Here is a video showing his cuteness.

And this is a guy that is pooped at the end of the day - the girls tired him out!!

Having a fantastic time in the land down under with a sweet family.


  1. I meant to say that our library does the wrapped book idea sometimes... at least that way it is free! ;)

  2. I meant to say that our library does the wrapped book idea sometimes... at least that way it is free! ;)