Sunday, October 25, 2015

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." - Pablo Picasso

Our weekend has been fairly low key. On Saturday, Andrew and I decided to make one last trip to the city of Perth via train. The train is such a pleasant way to travel, no driving stress and you get to people watch for half an hour. Makes for an interesting journey. The weather has changed to more of a spring temperature. Andrew wanted to see King's Park one more time and we entered from another direction which made, directionally challenged moi get a little turned around. Anyway, we climbed the DNA Tower which was super easy compared to our climb last weekend. We also wanted to check out Jamie Oliver's restaurant and we eventually found it. There was a wait time and we looked at the menu and decided that between the prices and the very noisy atmosphere, we would go somewhere else for a quick bite. In the afternoon, we sauntered over to the Art Gallery of WA and took in some impressive art (and some not so impressive). It didn't quite live up to the National Gallery in London, England, but we did enjoy spending some time there. Then it was uphill to Saint Mary's Cathedral to wander through a lovely old church. There had been a wedding there earlier and they were finishing up their photo shoot in the church. It was likely a pretty expensive wedding as there was a hired Bentley as well as an extended limo waiting outside to drive them to their reception site. It was a little higher class than the wedding we had witnessed earlier on the grounds of King's Park. I guess spring must be wedding time in Perth. Church today and an afternoon nap - typical Sunday!!
 The karri-lined avenue leading to King's Park, home of the WA Botanical Garden. This is one of the most impressive botanical gardens we have visited.

 A massive Moreton Bay fig tree at Kings Park.

 The DNA tower featuring a double helix of stairs.

 We happened upon the wedding of Sam and Miguel. Part of her vows was to promise to root for the Sydney Swans, a footy team. No mention of God in the wedding!

 King's Park is a nice mix of open space for picnics, pavilions, art installations and history; not to mention botany.

 Common in the park were red wattlebirds, feeding on the flowers. 

 Back in central Perth we happened upon this lovely old fire station.

 We almost ate at Jamie's Italian.

 But settled for a nice open air coffee shop.

 We visited St. Mary's Cathedral which was quite beautiful inside.

 Near the font was an alcove with this wooden carving of St. Joseph the Worker with mallet and chisel. An Afghan refugee crafted this in 2009.

 In the WA Art Gallery, an art critic feeling rather blue about this painting. He kind of gets lost in the painting, don't you think?

I call this statue in the market district, the pickles. It seems rather out of place, but I guess modern art is like that.

Well that's it for the last couple of days. Hope everyone is well and staying warm at home.

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