Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rajaton, Risk and Restlessness

Wow, March 10! Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.
Anna had an opportunity this past weekend to participate in a weekend with Rajaton, a 6 member acapella singing group from Finland. It was part of an event that the Nova Scotia Choral Federation had organized and Anna is a member of the Annapolis Valley Honor Choir, so was able to go. She had an unforgettable experience and I'm sure the memories will be with her for a long time. Andrew and I purchased tickets for the final concert on Sunday afternoon. I wasn't sure what they would be singing as I had heard that they do a lot of ABBA songs, which Andrew really isn't a big fan of. We were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed 2 hours of wonderful singing, finishing the afternoon with their signature song "Butterfly" backed up with a 500+ voice choir at the Rebecca Cohn. It was beautiful and the sound was amazing. I think we need to embrace more cultural experiences, which will segue into my next thoughts.
I have been thinking a lot about short term missions or possibly spending an extended time in a third world country, maybe partnering with someone who is already established there. I'm not really sure where these thoughts will lead and not sure if this is just a stage of life phase, but I hope that if doors were to open in this direction I would be willing to step out and give what I am able. There are times that I feel that living in this North American culture, we tend to develop a sense of complacency and I wonder if this is what has created this feeling of restlessness.
Life continues on - loving my God and my family.