Friday, January 27, 2012

Capturing Christmas

Okay, so much for the Christmas update promised a few weeks ago. Resolutions are so easy to break.

Saying goodbye for a couple of years.

Christmas is over for 2011 and we are anticipating what 2012 will bring us. Christmas this year was really wonderful. Everyone came home to the Valley, including my Dad. I haven't spent Christmas with my Dad for many years, so it was a real treat to make meals for him and share our home and family. Kathryn, Tim and Eden were able to join us via Skype which was really special. They left in November to settle in Australia for a few years with Tim's work. It has been an adjustment for us and I'm sure for them, but with the current technology, we are able to see and talk with them almost daily. They also write a great blog which, in turn, encourages me to keep on blogging.

Great start to Christmas break - enjoying the snow and being creative!

Mama and sweet Lila - so beautiful.

Ryan, Heather and our other 'daughter', Anne.

The Naugler family all ready for church on Christmas Eve. Charlotte's excitement is building, but I think Lila is a bit tired!

Making beautiful music together in their matching Christmas jammies.

Charlotte and her new Christmas doll - so much love!

Grampie and his new walking sticks. He got quite a chuckle from this gift.

Looking at a beautiful photo book of our family reunion - many wonderful memories.

So much beauty - getting ready to Skype with Kathryn and Tim.

And here they are - all the way from Australia - what an amazing way to keep in touch with family that you miss and love so much.

A great tradition (one that we will always keep) - Papa makes Christmas brunch - so yummy!

Hope you enjoyed Christmas 2011 mostly through pictures.
Next blog will likely be a couple of book reviews.