Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"Walking is man's best medicine." - Hippocrates

My apologies for the link not working for "The Barrows" on the blog before the last one. It seems to be linked up now, so if you want to check out the history on this,  it is quite fascinating. Also if you click on the individual pictures, you will get a larger version.
Today was walking through mostly forest (very quiet but really muddy after the rain we had) and the end of it was through a golf course, so we had to be cautious of airborne golf balls. There was also a very busy roundabout we had to get through dodging the cars!
I must say this is an interesting way to travel. New vistas every day and you never know what your B&B will look like, but if you have a comfy bed, it really doesn't matter. We may get porridge this morning, which, for me, will be a welcome change from eggs, boiled tomatoes and mushrooms!!

 Upper Hill Farm, a beautifully restored 18th Century farmhouse with hand-hewn beams, near Cleeve Hill where we stayed for 2 nights. 

A beautiful view from Crickly Hill. Enlarge the image to see the white dots (sheep).

 Wind blown Crickly Hill. Good thing the wind was blowing the other way and there was a dry wall to keep Andrew from tumbling down the steep hill.

 Very narrow path on the edge of a very steep windy hill.

 This tree had blown across the path and there were lots of branches down from the rain and wind.

 Plant of the day ~ Hart's tongue fern thriving on moist banks trailside.

 And my inclination for correct spelling just cringed when I saw this! (Fayre is a pseudoarchaic spelling though, so I shouldn't get my knickers in a knot!)

 Copper's Hill, where they have cheese rolling competitions - yes, it's a real thing, but the local council does not support this and will take no responsibility for injuries. This pic does not show the steepness of the hill, it was an 80 degree angle and really bumpy. If you saw "The Amazing Race" a few years ago, they actually did this for one of the challenges.

 And here we are in Painswick (map challenge for the grandchildren), staying in a 17th century B&B with very slanted floors. But we had a great sleep!

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