Saturday, June 10, 2017

"If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one." - Dolly Parton

Andrew has volunteered to do this post and there is another one coming shortly. We had no internet last evening, so we are trying to do some catch up!!
The 7th day of our stroll took us from Dursley to Hawkesbury Upton, a meagre 14.5 miles (actually we took the shorter, original route of 12.5 miles or 20 km). We passed through towns with curious names like North Nibley and Wotton-under-Edge.  Wotton was notable because it was the place with a public toilet, a very important consideration and a scare commodity. The toilet was behind a Baptist church which had a banner notifying people of an alpha course. Today it rained in the morning and we got soaked from the waist down when walking through a wheat field, but it cleared up later and we dried out, except for our boots. We are now passing through Tyndale country and one highlight was the Tyndale monument erected near the site of his birth. Tyndale translated the Bible into the English language. We were in Dursley for the night when the British election results rolled in and now the country is in a mess, according to two men who were caretakers at the monument, because of the "hung parliament".

 In Dursley, note banner on the yew.

 Tyndale monument erected in 1863.  William Tyndale (1490-1536) graduated from Oxford in 1512 with a BA. He translated the Bible into English and was eventually burned at the stake for his "heretical" teaching in Germany. Click on panel below for details.

Plant of the day is field poppy of "In Flanders field where poppies blow" fame.

 The trail passes through a dripping wet wheat field. The public footpath heritage here is amazing. We have nothing like it in Canada where No Trespassing signs abound.

 Creative street name in North Nibley.

 A highland cow needing a hair cut.

 The organ in the 13th century Saint Mary the Virgin church, in Wotton. The plaque says, "The gift of his most sacred majesty King George, 1726".

A little doctoring on Laurel's heel. Taking the extra skin off with a jacknife and yes, that is gold duct tape you see, invaluable on this trip!


  1. That photo of the wheat field is incredible! So gorgeous.
    Also, that highland cow reminds me of Malcolm and his refusal to get a haircut 😂

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