Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Cotswold Way - Done and Dusted

"Done and dusted" is a fairly common term heard in this part of the world and we thought this suited the end of our walk quite well. We arrived in Bath around 3:30 and to actually get to the Abbey, the official end of the Cotswold Way, we meandered up and down the hills of Bath for about 20 minutes. We have walked 100 miles (or 161 km) in 9 days, seen and experienced the quaint English countryside and encouraged each other along the way. It has been unlike any vacation I've ever been on. A very challenging walk but yet rewarding to know I could actually finish.
We left Pennsylvania at half 9 and felt that we had to take our time today, as it was our final day and we wanted to absorb as much of the landscape as possible. So we have settled into Bath for the next 2 nights and hope to take in a walking tour tomorrow, then a train to Gatwick on Tuesday.
 The first little village we came to today, Cold Ashton and this beautiful old church which has been here for over 900 years.

 One for the grandchildren! We have enjoyed poached eggs on toast for breakfast the last 3 days.

 Flower of the day ~ herb robert (Geranium robertianum). We have seen lots of this throughout our walk.

 The site of the civil war battle of Lansdown in 1643. The commanders Sir Ralph Hopton (Royalist) and Sir William Waller (Parliamentarian) were old friends and Hopton wrote Waller a letter a few days before the battle affirming that friendship.  Our path continued over this stile in the wall. 

We did meet up with the fellow travellers we met yesterday and they took our picture for us.

 Heading down another lane. You can see I gave that horse a wide berth.

 The final march toward the Abbey and the official end of the Cotswold Way.

 And here we are - done and dusted!! An elderly English gentleman exclaimed, "Well done!" which made the finish that much sweeter.

 Finished our evening off at Bath City Church. They hold their services in a beautiful old theatre.

And another pic of the Abbey at dusk.