Monday, June 5, 2017

"Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far." - Thomas Jefferson

Day 2 ~ we are completely worn out. A long 14 mile day, 9.5 hours of walking (actually plodding by the end). We are tucked away in a lovely B&B near Cheltenham and the Voltaren and Advil are going to be my best friends tonight.
The landscape here never fails to disappoint and we had good weather until noon. Then it started to rain, but we put our heads down and kept on. A lot of ups and downs today and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to finish, but we arrived just in time for the innkeeper to take us to town for a bite.
A few photos to give you a glimpse of our day.

 Shenberrow Inn in a little town called Stanton. The B&B business must be doing okay by the look of that car. We ended up with a room with twin beds - that was kind of a shocker! We haven't slept in separate beds ever!!

 A lovely picture of a thatched roof, also in Stanton, on our way for day 2.

 Lots of sheep and lots of poo to step around. We are now at the point where we just trod right through it!

 Hikers soon become acquainted with this plant that often borders the path. Stinging nettle. When you brush against it, the stinging sensation lasts for 10 or 15 minutes. Seasoned hikers wear gaiters.

 Andrew prepping for the rain we can see in the distance.

 Cows are big. I was glad to get through this field and shut the gate. Especially with a bull in the far corner.

 The Barrows - 5,500 year old burial ground. Read more about this by clicking on the link. There is also an aerial view which gives this a different perspective.

 Taking a peek inside to see if I really want to join Andrew in this crypt. I did, just to get out of the rain, but felt a little claustrophobic and creeped out after about 10 minutes.

 It seems we walked miles around the Cleeve Hill Commons which had a golf course. They had fencing to keep the sheep off the green, but this little guy paid no heed to that.

Please, oh please can the end be near? But it was not to be - another 2 hours before I could rest. I'll admit there was a lot of whinging going on, but Andrew stayed calm, bless him. Unfortunately tomorrow looks like a more seriously rainy day.

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  1. That link didn't work for me for some reason. Maybe you should check it. Looks like it was a long day but you did it! So happy that you guys are doing this!