Thursday, June 8, 2017

"The rain to the wind said, You push and I'll pelt. They so smote the garden bed That the flowers actually knelt, And lay lodged ---- though not dead. I know how the flowers felt." - Robert Frost

Three more days left to walk and they are going to be long ones. We have logged 100 km thus far but the Brits calculate in miles here, so we still have about 65 km to go. It has been another wet and cool day here, which makes the trekking slower and the dispositions a little more somber. Nevertheless, when we emerge on a hilltop overlooking the patchwork fields of the Severn Vale, we can't help but remark on the beauty, even without the sun. Think of the Look-off back home in Kings County, with even better views, with a different view every hour or so, especially enjoyed because we have earned the view by walking up.  Our mantra is "up, up, up and down, down and up." After a fairly short walk today of about 8.5 miles, we arrived at our B&B in Dursley (map challenge!) early, so it has been lovely to just relax, watch the rain fall outside and enjoy a cup of hot tea.

 Andrew spotted this little guy (a robin) outside this morning - such a great picture, it almost looks like a watercolour painting.

 Walking by a piggery this morning and Andrew sneezed from the trail and these guys quickly made their way up the hill wondering what the noise was! The brown one, we think, is an Oxford Sandy and Black breed.

 This was almost a vertical climb. There seemed to be lots of ups and downs today. Fern gully!

 Sweet brown sheep.

 "Andrew, it's raining! Please catch up!" See that far hill with the well trodden path???

 Still 4 miles to Dursley, soaking wet and half smiling.

 A massive limestone wall - Andrew trying to find shelter.

 First gate we've seen like this - possibly to let the sheep through (or maybe hobbits)?

 Bad hair - don't care!

Great use for the old phone box!

The sky started to clear, so I'll leave you with one more of this beautiful English countryside.

We'll have to tuck in early tonight - breakfast at half seven tomorrow and we start with a major uphill.


  1. Really enjoying following your journey through your blog! I mean to go back and read through all the posts with the girls, we read through this one together today. We are in the midst of major birthday preparations for a big party tomorrow! Hope you had a good walk today.

    1. Happy Birthday to Audrey!!!! We had a good walk today although long. We only have one day left to walk and we finish in Bath tomorrow. Hugs and kisses to everyone!!

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