Sunday, June 4, 2017

Bucolic ~ adj. of or relating to shepherds or country life

Today we started with a full English breakfast which prepared us for our first day of rambling. There is not too much to share when you spend the day walking but there is something to be said for getting out of bed and knowing that what you have to accomplish today is the challenge of reaching the next destination. The trail was definitely not designed to take the most direct route from point a to b, but the ups and downs through woods, sheep pasture, and farmland was ultimately more scenic and well worth the pain I'm feeling this evening.

 Chipping Campden, nervous, excited and seeing the post with 100 miles to Bath was a bit daunting.

 An embedded medallion at the beginning of our trek.

 Shinkicking??? A world championship??

 And those cute black-faced sheep, lots of pictures of them!

 Contemplating how much work it will be to build a stone wall on Klondyke Street.

 Resting on the top of Dover's Hill. Lovely view from here.

Broadway Tower.

See definition in the title.

 Still smiling, about midway!

 Well designated sign posts.

See that building in the distance? The end point for today, we hope!! The hips are starting to feel the strain!

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