Monday, May 18, 2009

"We're Off To See The Wizard"

After a very busy weekend, we headed off to the Atlantic Theatre Festival in Wolfville to see "The Wizard of Oz". What an amazing production of this show. The Stage Prophets, based out of St. Joseph's Church, have been rehearsing this play for about 6 months and the final result was excellent. Anna was a manicurist for the lion in the Emerald City and did a wonderful job. She thoroughly enjoys being on the stage and is excited about what next year will bring. Mary Hanneman, the director for this group, brought together a very large cast with ages ranging from children as young as six to senior adults - throw a dog into the mix and you should have a recipe for disaster, but with much prayer and perseverence, the show did go on. They performed 5 shows over the weekend and I am sure there were many satisfied theatre goers (and many very tired children!).  

This photo is of Anna and Julia (both manicurists) and both big fans of live theatre. I hope that they have many more performances in their futures. After all the hard work that the cast went through and even though they were all extremely tired, at the end of the last show, they all gathered together in a large circle on stage and everyone shared something they had learned through this whole experience. What a testimony for Mary to hear the positive and encouraging comments from both children and adults. We were there until 11 pm and I think we all left the building knowing that 'there's no place like home'.


  1. Thanks for posting pictures Mom! I wad sad to have missed the show, and glad to hear that everything went well. I'm sure Anna is pretty tired today! We were off to a birthday party this morning and Tim was home from work for lunch as he is just down the street today. Hope you are having a restful Victoria day!

  2. Laurel,
    I can't believe it is almost Kathryn and Tim's anniversary again. I so wish I could make another trip out East to visit your family :) That was a trip to remember. I've often thought of our chat when I was out there.... about motherhood... after Jared's pinched tummy. It meant a lot to me then and as I go through learning how to parent my 'special' girl I often think back to that chat. How scared I was for my child... how you told me I was doing a great job of parenting/protecting him.... Sometimes I wish I could go back when that was my biggest concern... It is crazy how you change and grow and realize whole new things as a parent. I love you and miss you:) I've often wondered how to email you and tell you that you meant a lot to me! It was great reading your blog and 'catching up'. Say hi to the girls for me