Thursday, May 28, 2009

London Bound

Just a quick update for all you followers of blogging. We found out the other day that the hotel we were booked in for London has been shut down due to fire regulations. Yikes!! They have booked us in another hotel, but I was reading some reviews on it last night and they are not good. So, I have been on the computer trying to find a place to lay our heads in London! Not an easy task. I may resort to to see if I can book something that way. I have only done this once before for Halifax and it worked well. The only problem is you don't know where you are staying until after you book it, but there are certain criteria that you can input. Oh, the adventures of travel! The excitement is building and this is just one hiccup that we will likely encounter on our trip. Only 3 more sleeps!! 
Well, after some searching we found a hotel right in the middle of London for $75 per night (about 50 GBP) which is really good. Here is a picture of it ~ The Park International Hotel.

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