Monday, May 25, 2009

Beautiful Weekend and High C's

It was a beautiful sunny weekend here in the valley and Andrew and I set out for a walk along the trail behind our house and then to the research station. There were patches of these forget-me-nots scattered just about everywhere and they reminded me of my mom, who passed away in June of 1997. She had Alzheimers disease and the forget-me-not is the Alzheimer Society's official flower. I really miss her gentle nature and calm advice that she was able to give me before she got sick. She had 9 children and always had a wise word for me, when I felt like I was losing control at the helm of motherhood. There seem to be more of those days lately and I so wish I could call her up and just be able to hear her voice and know that she had been through all of this before me. Life does pass by quickly and we really need to cherish those special times with our loved ones. 
On a lighter 'note' - Anna spent the weekend in Digby at a music conference called High C's. She traveled with the Annapolis Valley Honor Choir and was part of a 151 voice choir for a closing concert on Sunday evening. Andrew and I drove up for it and we were not disappointed. It was held at St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church in Church Point (a little past Digby), a large stone church made from granite, taking 32 years to build. It is quite impressive and if you go to google earth and type in St. Bernard Church, Digby, you will see that the top of the church is in the shape of a cross. The sound was amazing and Anna had a great weekend. She had quite the cultural experience in that she attended a Roman Catholic service on Sunday morning, which she said is "nothing like our church services and I don't want to be a Roman Catholic". 
Well, in one week we will be roaming the streets of London, England and I can't wait, only 6 more sleeps! 

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  1. Laurel, would it be okay if I linked to this post on the High Cs website?