Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleepless in Kentville

Okay, I know I should be getting as much sleep as possible with our departure coming up tomorrow. Not sure whether I am just getting excited or thinking about all the things I need to do before we leave. It is apple blossom time in the Valley and this brings a great influx of people from various walks of life to our lovely town. In the twenty years that we have been living here, I find that the atmosphere of this festival has changed somewhat (but then again, so have I). When the girls were younger we always had extra families here for the day - we have the advantage of great parking and walking distance to the parade route. There was always a family friendly feel to the festivities but through the years it seems to have changed to more of a young adult party, with an excessive amount of alcohol and drugs. Sarah went to the fireworks with her friends last night and Anna also went to a friend's house to watch them, so Andrew and I ended up walking up (in the rain!) to see 8 minutes of a mediocre display. It's hard to believe we are beginning the stage in our lives where we will be doing things with each other more, rather than always having the girls around. Well, must get on with a cleaning day and organizing our lives for the next couple of weeks! 


  1. Laurel, have a wonderful and safe trip, and put lots of pictures (especillay Ireland?) on the blog. This is the most wonderful thing and I am really, really happy for you. Have fun!

  2. Hi Mom!
    I tried calling home but you guys already left, and then I called your cellphone, but you guys didn't take it!! Anyway, I just wanted to wish you guys a safe flight. Have an amazing trip and I'll talk to you when you get home :)
    Love you both!
    Heather. xo