Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hello, once again.
We left Edinburgh this morning with a full Scottish breakfast under our belts and made our way to the train station to head for Glasgow. We also purchased our tickets for Belfast when we were there. On our way to the station, we had heard that there was a cafe that J.K. Rowling wrote some of her first Harry Potter book from, so we searched that out and took a picture. There is only a plaque there now and a Chinese restaurant has taken over the cafe.

The plaque on the corner of a building where J.K. Rowling used to write.

It was a fairly short trip to Glasgow with a few stops along the way and we arrived around noon. We hoofed it to our next resting place called Adelaides, about a 15 minute walk, uphill, with loaded suitcases (can you hear the groan?). It wasn't too bad though and our room was ready, but for some reason our rooms tend to be on the top floors of these places. I was very thankful that the fellow offered to lug my suitcase up for me (3 flights of stairs!). We were quite tired and decided, after a light lunch of a muffin and apple, to have a wee nap. Adelaides is a Baptist Church built back in 1877. In 1995 it was renovated to serve the city centre community and the complex consists of a Guest House, Breakfast Room, a Nursery/Preschool and an auditorium for services and for hosting meetings/conferences/concerts, etc. Very unique! Currently we are being serenaded by some opera singers giving a benefit concert in the sanctuary. 
We then decided to explore the city a bit and took off on foot down a pedestrian walkway (Sauchiehall Street) where all the shops are located. We were leisurely walking along and all of a sudden someone cried "thief" and this guy raced by us, apparently the thief, with 2 other males in pursuit. I have no idea whether they caught him or not, but it was enough for us to be back at Adelaides well before dark.

Glasgow's version of Dollarama.

George Square, Glasgow. There are a few statues (one of Robert Burns and the tall one is Walter Scott) and they are all covered in pigeon poop - not really attractive. City Hall is in the background.

We ate supper at a place called the Bar Horse and Andrew (always the one willing to try new things!) decided on bangers and mash. See photo. He actually enjoyed it but didn't eat all the bangers (sausage) and I did try the mash and it was quite good.

Bangers and Mash (sausages and mashed potatoes in a pool of gravy). 
Heart attack waiting to happen!

So, we are back here at Adelaides, Andrew sipping his evening tea and me, well blogging! 


  1. Those sausages look so gross, haha.

  2. did you guys hear the election news? did you vote in advance polls?? hope you are having a great day!

  3. oh, and Becky and Nathan had their baby! (I'm writing on here, because I'm not sure you check your e-mail.) Hannah Grace, born yesterday, 9 lbs 3 oz.

  4. Are you really eating that??? It's a good thing you are doing a lot of walking Andrew.