Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Extra Photos from our Bus Tour

The tour took us to the west coast town of Oban which claims to be the seafood capital of Scotland. As we left the bus for lunch, the familiar aroma of the seacoast met our nostrils. It smelled just like a community along the south shore of "New Scotland".

We could have haddock, hake, plaice, or cod fish and chips. We opted for haddock and it was very tasty.

Oban is the gateway to the western islands. The distant mountains are the Isle of Mull. A small island beyond Mull, and not in this image, is Iona where St. Columba first brought Christianity to Scotland in 537 A.D.  Andrew  would like to visit there but time didn't permit. 

The Columba Hotel in Oban.

The ruins of  the Kilchurn castle situated on Lochawe. This was lived in until the 1700's when its tower was struck with lightening twice in one night, toppling the tower.

Inveraray Castle again.

A small town called Luss on the bonny, bonny banks of Loch Lomond. This is a community of seniors who live here and tend the gardens of these small townhouses. A very quaint place.

Beautiful! I wonder if they would let Canadians retire here!

Andrew dreaming of building a stone wall just like this. Loch Lomond in the background.

In Edinburgh, there are many of these long, narrow alleyways that connect an upper street to a lower street (or vice versa) called closes (see sign above doorway). They are usually very steep with a lot of stairs and many of them have apartments off of them.

Hope you enjoy these photos.

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  1. that community looks amazing! beautiful little homes. thanks for posting so many pictures! you'll have to bring your camera along so we can see all of them when you come up!