Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Clean Knackered"

[What happened in Nova Scotia??? The Jamieson's leave and the province gets taken by the socialists!]

Day Two in Glasgow ~
Another beautiful sunny day in Scotland and it seems to bring the street musicians out in full force. It was the first time we have seen a harpist. Today was mostly a shopping day - they really are telling the truth when they say the shopping here is superior to Edinburgh and comes a close second to London. There are many, many shops and the prices are certainly much better than the capital cities.

This harpist was a welcome change from all the bagpipers around.

After putting a couple of hours in meandering through the stores, we headed towards the Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis (city of the dead). This was the center of the city about 700 years ago and is located on a hill. The Cathedral was beautiful with a lot of stained glass and our tour guide explained much about the windows, but I was very tired and the brain wasn't absorbing. Behind the Cathedral is the Necropolis, set high on a hill, and I don't think I would want to be out and about at night near there. We were also taught about Saint Mungo and if your are interested in reading about him you can go here You can tell I am tired and feeling lazy.
The symbols of the fish, ring, bird and square bell can be seen throughout Glasgow, derived from legends of Saint Mungo.

The Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis behind.

The tallest memorial is of John Knox.

The nave of the cathedral. The wooden ceiling is way up high.

The Cathedral has many beautiful windows.  This is one of a series honouring the trades people of Glasgow.  This one for gardeners.

We were going to take in a movie tonight, but after we finished supper, most of them had already started and the next show was too late to go to. Also, Ted the receptionist, said I look clean knackered (translation: very tired) Well, maybe we can find a show on the telly to watch, if we can figure out how to operate it!! 

Adelaides, our Baptist Church Guest Home.


  1. the church where you are staying looks like a very neat building! I was surprised about the election too... but I hadn't really been following it closely. You never know, it could bring some positive changes!! ;)
    Hope you are faring well today. And get some rest too! You are going to be "clean knackered" for weeks when you get home!!

  2. Hey you two crazy kids! Looks like you're having an amazing time. I agree that anything would be a welcome change from bagpipes!
    Can't wait to 'til your home so you fill us in on all the details. We'll miss you at the staff BBQ tonight :)