Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

May 9, 2017 - the day Andrew retired after working for 34 years as a research scientist with Agriculture Canada. Quite an achievement, and I am so proud of his commitment and accomplishments.
To celebrate our newfound freedom, we had planned an English walking holiday (Andrew did the research and took the initiative), and here we are, tonight in Oxford England, beginning our adventure and attempting our first major hike together. After flying all night from St. John's, Newfoundland, we arrived at the Gatwick airport at 8 am, tired, confused, hungry and wondering if our minds were still intact.
Catching the train from the airport, we travelled to Reading and then connected to Oxford. Then we walked along the canal to 26 Victor Street. After precariously lugging our suitcases up a very narrow staircase, we promptly crashed for an  hour, trying to stave off the jet lag for a bit. Then a couple of hours walking through this ancient city and orientating ourselves, and feeling the need for sustenance, we found 'Pizza Express'. The food was excellent and expensive but the lemon bundt cake with vanilla gelato, all I can say is yum!!! Our bodies are weary, so we are going to add some photos and get tucked into bed early, for tomorrow we have booked a guided walking tour of Oxford.

 Setting off on our adventure/pilgrimage via WestJet to jolly 'ol England!

Jet lagged but still smiling and travelling the Great Western Railway.

Not much to look at from the outside but this is our home away from home for the next 3 nights (the white building). Our first airbnb experience.

If you want to get your memoirs published, try Oxford University Press, after you become famous of course.

 Bicycles are very plentiful (not so much the helmets). We really had to watch for them as they travel very fast and don't pay much heed to pedestrians, not to mention the fact that they are all using the 'wrong' side of the road.......

 Blackwell's - a famous bookstore in Oxford Andrew has always wanted to visit. What a store!! Multiple floors packed with books. Reading the hard copy printed text is certainly not a thing of the past here.

 This shows the extent of Blackwell's. This is the part of the store that was under street level.

The doors in some of these old buildings fascinate me. I wonder why they built them so large and with such extensive detail. 

This door was tucked away, almost hidden from street view. Is the secret garden behind here??

 Supper time in Oxford, fresh air, window boxes, perfect company and a pizza to share. 

 And who knows, this trip may turn me into a tea drinker?

The 'piece de resistance' - lemon bundt cake with vanilla gelato.

And lastly, one for my grandchildren - I can just imagine Bert from 'Mary Poppins' dancing along the rooftops here singing "Chim, chiminey, chim, chiminey, chim, chim cheree, a sweep is as lucky, as lucky can be!

So, cheerio from the other side of the pond. Thank you for reading and we will certainly try to keep this updated every night - that is the goal.......


  1. Wonderful! I will live vicariously through your words.

  2. A tea drinker, yay!!!! It's not too late to start :)

  3. Will be lovely to have a cup of tea with you this summer! Hope you continue to have a great trip!