Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"I sometimes wonder whether all pleasures are not substitutes for joy." C.S. Lewis

After a busy day yesterday, we decided this was going to be a low key, relaxing day. Andrew and I awoke early and went for another walk, this time to discover how far away the train station is and to gather some information on public transit (we're still not sure whether we want to attempt the driving on the left side yet). Looks like it is fairly inexpensive and potentially faster than driving. We are still trying to figure out which way to look when crossing the street!! Only a few pictures from our day ~

 A beautiful wattle shrub (Acacia) growing alongside the road.

 A curious ibis wanting to join in the fun at the play park.

 Grammie enjoying a morning swing with the girls.

And Grampie didn't want to miss out, either!!

We entertained Eden and Katie this morning at a local play park which we all enjoyed. There are 3 parks within walking distance of their home and the weather today was perfect. This afternoon we did a little grocery shopping and Kathryn had set up two open home appointments. They are considering another move as their landlord will not match the market value rent on the home they are in now. The average rent here is over $400. per week. It is interesting how the process works here in trying to find a home to rent. It is very expensive and they go to these open homes to look at the property. You then have to fill out an application to get to the next step. All applications are taken into consideration and if the landlord approves you for the renters, you have it. If there are multiple persons interested in the same property, it might be the difference between you offering a bit more for the rent than they are asking or as simple as not having pets. 
We are enjoying every minute we get to spend with our sweet granddaughters - reading stories, gardening and trying to keep the peace when they get overtired and a wee bit cranky. 

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