Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May Wanderings

Another getaway for Andrew and I happened in May. Hope you enjoy these photos and thoughts from our journey. We travelled to Bar Harbour, Maine celebrating 35 years of marriage with hiking on the agenda. We had never hiked in Acadia National Park and what a treat to experience that together. The weather was perfect and in two days managed 2 mountains.

 As we enter the US, a large field where they are clearing rocks to accommodate blueberry fields.

 Tacky Bar Harbour sidewalk art (and their ice-cream cones were $6.).

 A lit up moose on the top of a house (more tackiness).

 A lovely little garden to begin our first day.

 Beginning our first mountain on day 1 (Gorham Mountain).

Very rocky terrain.

Almost to the top with a beautiful panoramic view.

525 feet up - a 'feel good' accomplishment.

On the way back down - the scenery was stunning.

The road not taken - did not want to die on this trip.

 A light lunch in Northeast Harbour.

 Atop Cadillac Mountain - you must stick to the path, the drop off is a little steep.

 The tide was right and we walked across to Bar Island on the ocean floor - great way to end our busy day.

 Experiencing the much talked about sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain, an early rise for day 2 at 4:30 am.

The popular carriage roads that run throughout Acadia National Park used for cycling, horseback riding and of course hiking.

 Day 2 and we took advantage of the fantastic weather to climb Acadia Mountain. This picture does not do justice to the steepness of this hike. 

 But we made it!!! Tough climb but the panoramic views were spectacular.
 Worth every sore muscle.

And to finish off our mini vacation - spent Mother's Day with 2 of my 5 wonderful daughters. Wish the other 3 could have been with us. 

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