Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Well, here we are in the middle of February and in the middle of a true Canadian winter. I have always said that February is the longest month of the year, even though it has the fewest number of days. Last week, Andrew had a business conference in Ventura, California and I was very anxious to join him and escape the cold and snow for a week. We were able to apply aeroplan points for my ticket and I was set to fly. It was a wonderful reprieve from the regular duties of home and the Nova Scotia weather. It also gave Andrew and I an opportunity to relax a bit and enjoy each other's company knowing that our daughters are all independent of us.
I will let the photos relive our trip. It was a trip that will give me the push to get through the next month and a half and know that spring is around the corner.

Leaving the northern landscape.....
The center of Ventura, California and no snow!!
Nothing like the warmth of sand on bare feet.
The mission established in Buenaventura, California in 1782.
Beautiful tile work and wall painting in the town.
 Very dry, desert garden which is part of the Botanical Garden they are initiating in Ventura. A lovely hike on a lovely day.
 The Moreton Bay Fig tree planted in 1874 in Ventura. It was truly massive.
A daily scene on Ventura Beach - surfers from sunrise to sunset.
 The boardwalk which is a great place for walking. Surf and sun at it's finest.
A common site in California - the retro van with a surfboard on top.
 Huge amount of calories, but oh so good. Nothing quite like a 'Habit' burger.
 A very unique way to hide ugly power boxes on city streets.
 The real reason for the trip - delicious strawberries in February.
Andrew visited a strawberry farm - acres and acres of beauty.
 A great day trip to Santa Barbara, about a half hour north of Ventura.
 Built in 1872, Stearn's Wharf, was the longest deep water pier between Los Angeles and San Francisco - it was a relaxing day enjoying the scenery.
 The Botanic Garden in Santa Barbara - Andrew was in his element amongst all the plants and rocks.
 View from the trail at the Botanic Garden - lots of beautiful homes tucked into the hillside.
 Taking a breather on our hike - neat bench made from stone.
 A go-to destination - The Cold Spring Tavern. A major effort to find this, but the food was awesome.
After our lunch. Andrew wanted a shot of the interesting roof job.
 Our final day in California. Heading towards the Pacific Coast Highway and found our way blocked by this truck. The roads were very twisty with sharp corners. We ended up backtracking and finding another access point to the highway.
 Really huge, luxurious looking homes in this valley.
Entryway to the Getty Villa. We toured this estate built by J.Paul Getty who recreated ancient Roman architecture and gardens on his ranch in Malibu.  
 The beautiful central garden/pool area although there was no water in any of the pools due to the drought.
Side view of the villa.
Hand painted ceilings and walls with very intricate detail. They are in the process of trying to figure out a way to maintain the originality of these paintings.
 The 'Apple' stores are a little larger in the US.
 The dichotomy of Beverly Hills - the rich and famous and the homeless.
 Home of the Academy Awards - we were about a week early to actually see the stars.
 One of so many stars on the walk of fame.
 Famous Hollywood sign.
Our last stop before heading for the airport was the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.
Home again, home again, jiggity-jig.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and I hope that this blog gives you a taste of the wonderful reprieve we had in February. My anticipation is that it is the beginning of joining my husband on more of his business trips and many travel adventures to come. 

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