Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Okay, so it's 2 posts in less than a month. Not that life has gotten any less busy, but wanting to write blogs about events that happen and record some thoughts. Andrew and I just celebrated 33 years of marriage, which really seems like a long time when I write that out. But, actually, the years we've spent together have been rich and full and as we approach the empty nest years, we are looking forward to hikes together, travelling and making time for each other.
On April 27, we went to Timberlea and set out on the Bluff Wilderness Trail. Andrew has a book with Nova Scotia trails that he would like to attempt over the next few years and hopefully we will get to do some of these together. This trail was fairly difficult, but after 3 hours of up and down walking, we did the first loop. It was a beautiful, sunny spring day, perfect for hiking and we both felt a good sense of accomplishment. Here are a few pictures of our day together.

 A glimpse of the type of terrain we were hiking on.

 The happy hikers - this was near the beginning.

Watch out for bear and moose - yikes! (we only saw a hare)

 Near the middle of the trail - it was a very windy day!!

 Again, a peek at the terrain - beautiful woods, though.

 Very picturesque.

 Interesting rock formation - Nova Scotia's Stonehenge?

 The master hiker with his hand carved hiking stick.

This was a very enjoyable weekend, spending time with a guy I love so very much. Looking forward to more times like this - having fun together and creating memories.

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