Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!
Here we are at the beginning of July and hopefully 2 months (or more!) of sunshine. It 
sure isn't starting out very well with the amount of rain that we've had. Strawberries are full on and I am about halfway through making our jam for the year.
I am venturing into unknown territory in about a week and a half. I will be transporting youth to Saint John for a short term mission adventure called 'Tidal Impact' which is run through our Atlantic Baptist Convention. I have very mixed feelings about this and I think mainly because it is something that I have never done before. So, not much new news on the home front. I will hopefully be able to do some blogging when I'm away. We are looking forward to a couple of weeks at our camp on Harvey Lake in NB in August and visiting with our oldest daughter and her family and some extended family. 

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  1. Happy Canada Day to you! We had a wonderful day yesterday with Krista and Graham and the kids at the parade and all the festivities. Missed the fireworks though - they started at 10:40 and Charlotte was asleep before then!

    Glad to hear you will be up in August, can't wait! :)